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5 Best Android Apps For The Mountain Climbers

Android Applications To The Best Mountaineers - Activities hiking is one of the activities that are enjoyable and suitable for those with an adventurous side. Mountain climbing is an activity closely related to natural terrain, and also physically tough. A variety of purposes for you who love to climb the mountain indeed must be fitted so that the activities of the climb you can smoothly without obstacles. One is the android application that can be used and is suitable for you who are fond of climbing activities.

Android Smartphone does have various features with various functions, including for you the mountaineers, then have an application that is suitable for you in your trekking is one of the options that are appropriate for your use. If you are curious about anything android applications are suitable for you, the mountaineers, the following are some android apps for reference the mountaineers could be recommendations for you.

Android Apps For The Mountain Climbers

1. SAS Survival Guide

To survive in the wild naturally has its own ways and techniques, because of the surrounding conditions different from our everyday life. Android apps this one will give you a way how to survive in the wild. In it you will be provided with a variety of natural conditions which can be learned, starting from the desert, the sea, to the mountains, though. Pictures and videos that were presented in the android application are also easy for you to learn. [Download SAS Survival Guide Via PlayStore]

2. Map My Hike

Android application serves to record the sessions of climbing that you have done, and keep it for a while. In addition to can be accessed for free, Another advantage of this application is to be used for tracking a map with GPS features climbing inside. In addition, there are other interesting features of the android application has the ability to calculate the number of calories in your body burning during the ascent. [Download Map My Hike Guide Via PlayStore]

3. Sky Map

The application of this one is one of the interesting applications, where do they work you can do at night, by directing feature camera toward the sky, then this one android app will allow you to show a variety of objects - a celestial body, accompanied by his statement clearly. Although it can be used also in urban areas, but it is more interesting if you use it in the mountains because of the light pollution that is still very minimal. [Download Sky Map Via PlayStore]

4. AllTrails – Hiking & Biking

For you fans of hiking, then this application is one that you can try to download and use. This application serves as a tracker or mapping with distance traveled. There are approximately 400 thousand trips that have been recorded from all over the world that exists in the database. Android apps can be synced with this official website, It would be useful as a pointer and can open a map of the trail to be traversed. [Download AllTrails - Hiking & Biking Via PlayStore]

5. First Aid

The accident at the time of the ascent is indeed sometimes happening, the application has a variety of information as well as tips about first aid in the event of things – things that this is not desirable, You can download as anticipation and preparation for you to do first aid. Graphics and pictures presented are pretty interesting, and could be used when not connected to the network. [Download First Aid Via PlayStore]

So our reference about some android applications which is suitable for mountaineering. Hopefully, this article useful and can add to your knowledge about android smartphones.
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