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Delta BBM Mod v3.7.1a Based on BBM v3.0.1.25 Apk

On this occasion, the Central Android back will share a BBM app Mod delta v3.7.1 a based v3.0.1.25. As we know, the BBM Delta is one of the best and bbm mod complete with features in it. This is the BBM Mod Delta in modification by one modder bbm the best Indonesia origin i.e. Yoyock. BBM Delta v3.7.1 a has many very interesting features that we can use, arguably the features that exist on the current bbm delta mod v3 is a complete mod bbm with the feature when compared to other mod bbm.

One of the features of the flagship in bbm this is delta, the user can modify the display to taste each one, because in this delta mod bbm already embedded a variety of themes such as the theme of Light, Dark, Transparent, Change Background, and much more. The user can also modify the chat bubble according to taste, in addition, the bbm delta v3 is also already there are several languages such as English, Sundanese, Javanese, and Indonesian.

Not only that, the bbm delta v3.7.1 a based on bbm official v3.0.1.25 is also equipped with lock app bbm with passwords, where users can lock apps bbm with the desired password. Actually, there are still many interesting features on the bbm delta v3 is, if you're curious soon download bbm delta below.

View Image BBM delta v3.7.1 a based on BBM official v3.0.1.25

Features BBM Delta v3.7.1a based on BBM official v3.0.1.25:

  • Clone & No Clone
  • Change Default PING Text (Sayang, Assalamu'alaikum, Sampurasun, Hello, Kulonuwun)
  • New Bubble Style Added (Line Style)
  • Select Big/Normal Display Picture on Drawer Header
  • No Backup Free Sticker
  • Change Language (Default Phone, English, Indonesian, Sunda dan Jawa)
  • Change Theme (Light Theme, Dark Theme, Transparent Theme, Black Theme, Sailfish)
  • Auto Night Mode
  • Change Rounded Icon Set
  • Change Aplication UI Color
  • Change Accent Color
  • Change Bubble Chat Style
  • Change Bubble Chat Color
  • Change Font Size
  • Change Text Style (Normal, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic)
  • Full Screen View
  • Statusbar Tint
  • On/Off Block Read Status
  • Change Sliding Menu Position (Left/Right)
  • On/Off Hide Sponsored
  • Set Auto Text
  • Lock Mode
  • Private Mode
  • Reload
  • Select Light/Dark Incoming and Outgoing Text Color
  • Select Big/Normal Display Picture on Profile View
  • Select Notifications Icon Color
  • Select Notifications Splat Icon Color
  • Hide Inbox Notification
  • Change Display Picture Shadow Color (Tidak bekerja di Android Lollipop)
  • Change Display Picture Shadow Radius (Tidak berekja di Android Lollipop)
  • Top/Bottom Tab Layout
  • Navigation Icon Style
  • Hide New Chat Floating Action Button

The new v3.7.1a Based on BBM Official v3.0.1.25 Apk:

  • Based BBM v3.0.1.25 Apk
  • Type: Clone and Not clone
  • Change message with image background
  • Input background follows bubble message
  • The Bubble Google Allo
  • On/Off Send Problem After App Crash
  • Move to SDCard
  • Change Background (DISABLED)
  • Icon Launcher (DISABLED)
  • Name: BBM Mod Delta v3.7.1a Apk
  • Size: 20,54 MB
  • Modders: Yoyock
  • Update: 01 Oktober 2016

Link Download:
Known Bug:
  • Can't change Display Picture = Please use 3rd Gallery app from Playstore
  • Conversation FC = Go to Delta Settings -> Set Text Color -> change incoming and Outgoing Text Color
  • Lock Mode FC = Go to Delta Settingss -> Private Mode -> check Blur View
  • Background Picture not load = Manual method copy background.jpg to "SD Card/Android/data/com.bbm/Delta/*"
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