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2 best Photo Editor Apps for Android

Best Android photo editing apps - Are you looking for the best photo editing application information? I think it is very easy to find a nice photo editing application in accordance with the interest and passion. I believe that every person has its own character in the editing. Maybe you like the edit manipulation, others like the vintage-style photo editing. Yup, only a few people who have the same taste in editing or photography.

Before choosing a photo editor application that suits your interests you. Should know the capabilities of that application and the features offered. Have one application that has all the features we want indeed would be better than to have many applications but many are rarely used. As a result, the application just meets our device.

Best Photo Editing Application for Android

The following 2 best photo editing application for you that use Android. A free application that you can get easily in PlayStore.

1. PicsArt
Perhaps many who agreed if this application I put on the first order I discussed just now. Yes, PicsArt it like his Photoshop mobile software. Photo manipulation by using this application is very easy to do. If you like the edit photo manipulation. PicsArt is the most recommended application is really for you. Features in this application are complete in my opinion for the size of photo editor app for Android.

There are many effects are provided, either free or paid. If you feel the need to buy, you can get with prices starting from $0.22. Whereas that is also widely available, for the first use of no harm using free ones only because I think it pretty much can be used. Download PicsArt in PlayStore.

2. Pixrl
The second photo editing application is also included in the list of the best photo editor application my version because it has many effects and filters. In addition, the availability of fonts very much. You only need to download fonts, effects and filters directly from the application, and does not cost a dime to get the item.

As the application PicsArt, application Pixrl also has the capability of photo manipulation because it features a Double Exposure. You can add 2 pictures in one frame. This feature can be used to change the background of the photo. However, you need to remove the background applications before changing the photo background using Pixrl. Download Pixrl in PlayStore.

In addition to the two applications above. Indeed there are still many other photo editing apps like PicSay PlayStore, Photo Lab, Photoshop Express. However, as I said at the beginning. Both of these applications have a feature to edit photos in one application would be better.

Such information about the 2 best photo editing app for Android. If you have something to ask please do not hesitate to ask questions via the comments field that is on the bottom of the post.
Thanks for reading 2 best Photo Editor Apps for Android

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