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How To Flash Oppo Joy R1001 with SP Flash Tool

This time I want to share how to easily reset Flash ROM Oppo Oppo Joy R1001 boot loop via the Flash Tool, SP. How to Flash this Oppo Joy R1001 already in test and 100% success, so why you are experiencing the Oppo Joy R1001 boot loop, how to flash this R1001 Joy Oppo can and apply it to overcome it. Before doing the Flash Oppo Joy R1001 you should prepare materials for Flash Oppo Joy R1001 as Drivers Oppo Joy R1001, SP Tool, and Flash ROM Oppo Joy R1001. Materials needed for flash Oppo Joy R1001 please download below.

Materials needed for flash Oppo Joy R1001

How To Flash Oppo Joy R1001 SP Flash Tool

  1. Extract all the files you've downloaded.
  2. Install Driver Oppo Joy R1001.
  3. Open or run the SP Flash Tool, On Scatter-loading please load file Oppo Joy R1001 already downloaded and extract it on your computer as shown below. 
  4. Next click Download to begin the process of Flash ROM Oppo Joy R1001, press the Volume Up (Volume Up button is the BOOT Flash Oppo Joy R1001) and connect the Oppo Joy R1001 to computer using USB. 
  5. Process Flash Oppo Joy R1001 will last a few minutes If Flash Oppo Joy R1001 finished it will pop up a Download dialog box OK like the picture below. 
  6. Process Flash Oppo Joy R1001 via SP Flash Tool is finished.

Problems often arise when flash Oppo Joy R1001

  1. Some of the mistakes that often come up when doing flash Oppo Joy R1001 like after click on the button Download error message appears and the Flash process Oppo Joy R1001 doesn't run, the fix can be done by filling the files UBOOT with uboot.bin  and USER DATA with userdata_nvram_only. ext4. If you are using Firmware Oppo Joy R1001 ROMSTOCK R1001 by NAMNGUYEN, Seperti gambar dibawah ini. dan tandai semua kolom file di SP Flash Tool, Selanjutnya klik Download.
  2. If the process flash Oppo Joy R1001 still not walk.  Try to change the option in the Download column Only being a Firmware Update or Format ALL + Download and click the Download button to continue the process of flash Oppo Joy R1001.
  3. Flash process Oppo Joy R1001 boot loop finish and open it and reinsert the battery, Turn on the Oppo Joy R1001, if when in turn it on in the display appears the Oppo R1001 Encryption unsuccessful please click the Reset button and wait for the phone, the process of resetting the Oppo Joy R1001 until completion, Oppo Joy R1001 returned can be used normally. Congratulations you made it.
Also see here How to Flash Oppo N1 via Recovery Mode and Umpteen ways Flash Oppo R1001 Joy to overcome Oppo Joy R1001 boot loop, hopefully, the way flash Oppo Joy R1001 can be overcome your problems and good luck.
Thanks for reading How To Flash Oppo Joy R1001 with SP Flash Tool

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