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How to Flash the Oppo Neo 5 r1201 Without PC

How to Flash Oppo Neo 5 r1201 Without the latest PC - Although Android is currently a lot of users, but still as an electronic device certainly has drawbacks and advantages and the most natural by the users in the Android Smartphone is a device that has experienced various constraints resulting in Bootloop, Hardrick, and Softbrick. Certainly be able to resolve the issue by using a variety of ways using either PC or Without a PC.

But both ways also has drawbacks and advantages of both and how to resolve problems in the most Android phones much in use are used Without a PC. Before you decide to do the Flashing you are trying to do by doing a Reset to Factory, If that is not possible then the final path is to do Flashing. Certainly on any Brand or type of different Android phones from either way installation, tool and Firmware you need.

For you users Oppo Neo 5 r1201 are currently having problems Bootloop, Hard brick, and Soft brick etc. Then the proper solution is to do a Flashing or reinstall. In this review will be given regarding the Tutorial How to Flash Oppo Neo 5 r1201 Without PC, using your PC Without need not have to set up your computer to perform the Flashing so you can do it via your mobile phone Directly. For the trick, of course, is very easy, to make it clearer please refer to tutorial Flashing Oppo Neo 5 r1201 Without PC below:

Materials needed for flash Oppo Neo 5:

The steps how to Flash Oppo Neo 5 r1201Without PC
  1. Your Android phone battery should be filled about 60%.
  2. Then You put the Stock ROM Firmware already downloaded earlier on the SdCard (not in a Folder).
  3. Turn off Your cell phone Neo 5.
  4. Next go into Recovery Mode by the way (press power button + volume up simultaneously).
  5. If it is, please choose the language to be used.
  6. Continue by selecting wipe data and cache.
  7. After that select install from SdCard.
  8. Select again from the SdCard.
  9. Browse the SdCard search zip file firmware yg you previously put in SdCard.
  10. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  11. Reboot.
  12. For Booting first requires quite a long time.
  13. Finish.
Way above you can do via the Android phone without having to use a PC or Flashtool. But if the above has not yet managed to overcome your Neo Android phone 5 possible cause of the problem is Hardware.
Thanks for reading How to Flash the Oppo Neo 5 r1201 Without PC

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