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How to Flashing Asus Zenfone 4C ZC451CG Bootloop via Flashboot

How to Flashing Asus Zenfone 4C Bootloop - Zenfone 4C is the newest product from Asus, 4.5 Inch screen by having the same specs with Zenfone 4, but the Firmware is different. Though this belongs to Zenfone is fairly new. However, there is only an android user curious with this Zenfone 4C and cause Bootlop, Although ordinary user perform Software ranging from Tweaks to change the system, not close will likely multiply bootloop, let alone the daily struggled in the field of mobile call it technicians.

Corresponding author's experience has Zenfone 4c experience a bootloop, the cause was a Tweak to use Super Charger V6 the latest version, However restart Android even be weird or Menu UI is having problems, then do a Flash in a way not yet successful, Sideload how to flash with the Flash tool also didn't work. Which might be able to install with flash tool for always ask USB enable Debugging :D then how do I enable USB Debugging if handphone can not live? After two days of searching here and there on the internet, finally met also how to fix it, here's how to fix a Asus Zenfone 4c a Bootloop, may help.

How to easy way to Flashing Zenfone 4C

Ingredients needed for flash Asus Zenfone 4C
The steps how to Flashing Zenfone 4C
  1. Install the Intel USB Driver first on PC
  2. Extract the ADB Drivers in one folder (do not File a separate extract results)
  3. The extract also the Firmware already downloaded (make sure all content files in one folder)
  4. If it is all done, note: Copy all the contents of a File that is in the Folder of ADB and Paste into the folder the Firmware) If boot.img ask in lieu, ok (because of the boot.img that are in the folder the Firmware before will be replace with boot.img from ADB)
  5. Up to here how understand? If we understand advanced to the next stage
  6. Next, 
  7. Turn off Asus Zenfone 4C
  8. Next enter Fastboot menu Zenfone 4c by way of press Power + Volume UP
  9. Connect the Zenfone 4c with the computer via the USB cable
  10. The Firmware inside the Folder, press Shift + Right Click and then select "Open Windows Command Here" or if there are files Start. Bat just click
  11. Then the next type Fastboot command here in Comand Prompt
      • fastboot erase cache (Enter)
        • fastboot erase userdata (Enter)
          • fastboot erase system (Enter). After that type
          • fastboot reboot-bootloader (Enter). wait for menu droid boot vision out, if it is typed
          • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img (Enter)
          • Wait for the process is running (keep your USB plugs to disconnect the connection). When it is finished with the typing the following command:
          • fastboot flash boot boot.img
          • Wait a minute
          • ENTER
          • Wait until it is completed, Type again
          • Fastboot Reboot-bootloader (Enter). The latter type
          • fastboot reboot
        1. Wait until Zenfone 4c back to life
        Congratulations Asus Zenfone 4c you back to normal, it's already in try writer on Zenfone 4 c which is almost desperate to get there-here looking for tutorial Flash Asus Zenfone 4C.
        Thanks for reading How to Flashing Asus Zenfone 4C ZC451CG Bootloop via Flashboot

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