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How to Flashing Oppo Mirror 3 Bootloop

Easy ways flash Oppo Mirror 3 - On this occasion, we will share a tutorial how to flash Oppo Mirror 3, how to flash Oppo Mirror 3 you can use to overcome the damage or recovery software Oppo Mirror 3, to your users that are experiencing the Oppo Mirror 3 software issues, the way flashing Oppo Mirror 3 this you can use as a solution to overcome these problems.

Some problems of software Oppo Mirror 3 which could be addressed by means of flashing, can be used for recovery of the Oppo Mirror 3 botloop (Botloop is when turned on the screen only appears the logo of Oppo only), Applications and Games Oppo Mirror 3 problematic (Often appears Unfortunarely, Force close has stopped, application isn't responding, application cannot be started, application can not be deleted, etc.), Oppo Mirror 3 loading long, Oppo Mirror 3 can not access the internet, etc.

For those of you user Oppo 3 Mirror experienced problems such as above, How to flash 3 Mirror Oppo is certainly you can use as a solution for recovery software Oppo Mirror 3, Please refer to and follow the tutorial on how to flash the following 3 Mirror Oppo.

How to Flash or Upgrade OS Oppo Mirror 3

  1. Download Firmware/ColorOS Oppo Mirror 3
  2. Copy Firmware Oppo Mirror 3 already downloaded earlier to SD Card (place it outside the folder just for easy retrieval of files during the processing firmware flash Oppo Mirror 3)
  3. Turn off Oppo Mirror 3
  4. Sign into recovery mode by means of press and hold Volume down + Power button simultaneously until the logo appears OPPO and loose power button, volume buttons remain pressed down until the Oppo Mirror 3 goes into recovery mode.
  5. Menu navigation for recovery in Oppo Mirror 3 R3001 could use the volume button and the power button for OK or you can also use the touchscreen display.
  6. Next select the language English for language recovery
  7. Before upgrading the OS Oppo Mirror 3, do wipe data and cache by means of select Wipe data and cache > wipe data and cache > confirmation YES and wait for data wipe process until completion.
  8. Sign into Upgrade OS Oppo Mirror 3
  9. Select install from SDcard > Select From SDcard
  10. Select the Firmware that is on the SD Card and confirm select YES to start the process of flash OS Oppo Mirror 3
  11. Pprocess of upgrading the Oppo Mirror 3 will take place and wait for the process to complete
  12. After Upgrade process is completed Reboot and select confirm select YES
  13. Oppo Mirror 3 will restart
  14. Wait for the process to restart Oppo Mirror 3 to finish
  15. If the process has completed, restart the Oppo 3 Mirrors back to life by itself
Quite a few tutorials on how to flash Oppo Mirror 3 can we share for you users Oppo 3 Mirrors that can be used to resolve problems on a software Oppo Mirror 3, Maybe the way the flash 3 mirror Oppo can be useful and may be able to resolve the problems of software 3 you experience mirror Oppo, good luck.
Thanks for reading How to Flashing Oppo Mirror 3 Bootloop

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2 komentar:

  1. Phone momentarily turned on with oppo logo but turned off again.
    Recovery mode is not accessible.
    Fastboot mode is working.
    When charger is connected, the phone charging logo appears and disappears as if turning on and off.
    What seems to be thr problem?

    1. This case has been experienced by my friend, and my friend overcome it by replacing the battery of his cell phone. Hopefully can help :)