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How To Root ASUS ZenFone GO (ZC500TG)

The easy way to root the ASUS ZenFone GO (ZC500TG) and Install TWRP Recovery - ZenFone Go is the smartphone ASUS super cheap with pretty good specs that were introduced at ASUS ZenFestival 2015. If you are the owner of ASUS ZenFone Go and want to do root, here I will explain how to do a root ZenFone ASUS Go easily.

ASUS ZenFone Go itself consists of 3 series namely ZenFone Go 4.5 (ZC451TG) and two ZenFone Go 5.0 (ZC500TG). The third series was equally fed up with MediaTek MT6580 processor Quad-Core 1.3 GHz and supports only up to 3G network technology.

Easy Way To Root The ASUS ZenFone GO (ZC500TG)

Before proceeding, we assume you already know what your risks might occur if do root. Root, what the hell?
Root access is to alter, or edit system files with ease. By having root access, the user can delete the bloatware, eliminate ads, knowing the password of WiFi Internet connection, decide on others and much more.
Any result over she tried these tips are borne by themselves. As you know, the warranty will be forfeited if yours smartphone doing the process Root. If there is something against you, such as your smartphone soft-bricked or hard-bricked, we will not be responsible.

Preparation Root ASUS Zenfone GO (ZC500TG)

Before you start doing root ASUS ZenFone GO (ZC500TG), there are some things you need to prepare.
  • PC or Laptop
  • ASUS ZenFone battery GO minimal remaining above 60%
  • Prepare a USB cable to connect to ZenFone GO to the PC
  • Download ADB drivers and install to your computer.
  • Download ADB package, that contains your root file, TWRP
  • Activate OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging via the settings Developer options on the ASUS ZenFone Go.

Unlock Bootloader ASUS ZenFone GO

Once all is ready, the next step you have to do to unlock bootloader. Here's how:
  • Turn Off ASUS ZenFone GO.
  • Press the volume up button + power at the same time to switch to bootloader mode.
  • Use the volume up to navigate and navigate to fastboot, select by pressing the volume down.
  • On your computer, extract ADB package contains the files for the root which you have downloaded.
  • On fastboot folder on a PC hold down shift + right click on the mouse, select the "open command windows here".
  • Then type in the CMD command "fastboot devices" (without the quotes).
  • Type the command again to unlock his "fastboot oem unlock" and follow the instructions that are ordered.
  • Wait until the return to the fastboot mode and the phone will do a reboot.
With unlock bootloader, cell phone will do the factory reset automatically. So, make sure you have first backup all data essential to the computer.
Now you've managed to do the unlock bootloader ASUS Zenfone GO. Do not forget to activate again OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging via Settings Developer Options in the Mobile.

How to Install TWRP Recovery ASUS Zenfone GO (ZC500TG)

The next step, install TWRP Recovery. The trick is as follows:
  1. Open the extracted file again (ADB package) and hold down shift and right click on the folder to extract the last, and then click "Open Command prompt from here".
  2. Turn off ZenFone Go and get in on the bootloader mode again and select fastboot mode. Connect to the PC.
  3. Then open the last CMD and type the command: "adb reboot bootloader".
  4. Wait a minute, device will perform a reboot.
  5. Next type the command: "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img". Press enter, wait for it to finish and reboot.
  6. Make sure everything works properly, now reboot to go into recovery. Do I turn off the cell phone, turn it on and press the volume up + power at the same time to enter the recovery mode.

Step by step how to Root ASUS ZenFone GO

All been done, it's time do the last step.
  1. Move UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip files that are in the folder extract of yesteryear to the internal memory (not in a folder).
  2. Sign in again to the recovery mode, install the UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip that last has been moved.
  3. Done, now your smartphone ASUS ZenFone GO (ZC500TG) you've been successful in the root.
That's the way how to root ZenFone ASUS GO (ZC500TG). The above way is the easiest and is safe, but you should still be careful. Good luck!
Thanks for reading How To Root ASUS ZenFone GO (ZC500TG)

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