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How to Root Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

How to Easily Root Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 and Install TWRP Recovery - Hello all, back again with CentralAndroid.Net, on this occasion I will share a tutorial how to easy root Samsung Galaxy J5 2016. Continuing the success of smartphone line-up version updates that were introduced in the year 2015, Samsung again presents the updated version of one of its flagship smartphone i.e. Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 which is a new version of the series Galaxy J5. For screen Galaxy J5 2016 has adopted the diagonal 5.2 inch HD or resolution 720x1280 pixels Super Amoled panels made from a more superior than IPS LCD.

For you users Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 who want to do root easily? You can use the following methods. How do you do? Make sure you read carefully so as not happening things unwanted. You need to know, the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 can not in root use the instant application to do a root such as FramarootTowelrootKingrootKingoApp and other applications. Here's how to do root Samsung Galaxy J5 2016.
Disclaimer!Any result over she tried these tips are borne by themselves. As you know, the warranty will be forfeited if yours smartphone doing the process Root. If there is something against you, such as your smartphone soft-bricked or hard-bricked, we will not be responsible.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 is the latest version of Galaxy J5. Differences from the previous version of Android operating system lies in the Marshmallows, the addition of RAM 2 GB, battery power is on the rise and much more. This is a way to root the Galaxy J5 2016 with model numbers J510FN, J510F, J510H

Preparation before performing root Galaxy J5 2016

Install TWRP Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

  1. Turn on USB debugging on the menu Developer Options, Settings > developer options > enable USB debugging
  2. Turn on also OEM unlock, Settings > Developer Options > OEM unlock
  3. If USB Debugging and OEM unlock is already active, then turn off your smartphone.
  4. Turn it on again to get into Download Mode, press Volume Down + Home + Power together. Press Volume Up to continue. 
  5. Next, open Odin3 then connect your smartphone to your PC/laptop.
  6. If already connected, check status at the top left-hand corner, ID:COM, Added! (If ID:COM does not appear, it means that there is a driver not installed perfectly). 
  7. Sign into AP/PDA tab, and find the file twrp.tar which you downloaded earlier.
  8. Ente to Tab Options, then checklist box Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time and Click Start to begin the process.
  9. Wait until the process is completed. When it is finished, it will appear the sign PASS!. 
  10. When it is finished automatically smartphone you already own TWRP.
  11. After having a TWRP, now is a way to do the root.

Step by step how to Root Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

  1. Get into Recovery Mode, turn off and then turn it on by holding Volume Up + Home + Power.
  2. Select install > Search SuperSU.zip files already transferred last > Swipe to Confirm Flash
  3. Wait until the process is completed.
  4. Reboot. 
  5. Done.
Automatically Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 is successful in the root. To check if the root process successfully, you can download the application Root Checker in the PlayStore.
Thanks for reading How to Root Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

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