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How to Easily Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi

How to Easily Unlock Bootloader All Smartphone Xiaomi - Since it first went into business, becoming a successful Xiaomi smartphone vendors quickly accepted because it offers a cheap smartphone communities lacking specification. But not only that, Xiaomi is also supported by a number of active users on the forums so as to facilitate the process of rooting Android and others.

For security reasons, all Xiaomi smartphone released since the end of the year 2015 is present in the State of the locked Bootloader. However, this time the Central Android will give you an easy way to unlock Bootloader Xiaomi smartphone.

Bootloader Xiaomi

Bootloader is a code that must be executed before the operating system (OS) to start running, including by Xiaomi smartphone. With a locked Bootloader, smartphone Xiaomi fully in the responsibilities of the vendor, including providing updates Xiaomi. If the smartphone Xiaomi been unlocked Bootloader, then it will no longer have the support updating and security assurance directly from Xiaomi.

But if it is not unlocked Bootloader, the smartphone you can not do a Custom ROM or even a root. So, it is better to unlock Bootloader Xiaomi.

How To Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi

Although the lock Bootloader his smartphone, but Xiaomi provide special tools to allow users to unlock the bootloader. The trick is:
  1. You must have Mi Account. You can register your Xiaomi account directly from your smartphone using mobile numbers or using a laptop/computer. 
  2. Next, open link Request Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi. And then click Unlock Now. 
  3. Once in the next view, please login with Mi Account and password that you have. Can use the phone number, account ID, or even a mobile phone number which you registered. 
  4. If lucky, you'll get an SMS with the notification that Xiaomi smartphone you can be unlocked. And if it didn't immediately get SMS, wait up to 10 days. 
  5. After getting SMS, back you go http://en.miui.com/unlock/ and login with the same account to download Mi Unlock. Once downloaded, open the file MiFlashUnlock.exe. 

  6. Then re-login with the same account on the application Mi Unlock. 
  7. Next, connect your smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. Do not forget to go into Bootloader Mode by pressing and holding the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously while the smartphone is turned off. 
  8. Once connected tap Unlock Now and wait until the Bootloader unlock process Xiaomi smartphone you finish.
Congratulations, now you unlock process in Xiaomi has been successful. And after unlock, then you can do modifications ROM, install root access, and others that you are getting the maximum Xiaomi smartphone for you to use. Easy is not the way to unlock this Xiaomi smartphone? Good luck!
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